How to Make Your Lace Frontal Wig Look More Natural

  1. Begin by trimming the excess lace off your wig with a sharp brow scissors (makes it easier to get around the dips and curves) before you wear it.How to Trim a Lace Wig

  2. After you have laid your wig. You may choose to dye the lace to match your skin tone (ask us for this service), which will make the lace virtually undetectable and aid in the realistic look of your wig. To do this at home, you can use the eye shadow, face powder, foundation or concealer that is a close match to you skin tone. Apply your chosen dye wherever the lace will is visible, such as around your hairline and at the part.
  3. Use a tooth brush or just a comb to let some baby hair out of the wig and use these to hide the edge of any visible lace (this step is optional)
  4. Use a wide-tooth comb and a vent brush for styling your lace wig or hair extensions, both of these items will reduce the pull on the hair. Be gentle when removing tangles to protect and prolong the life of your wig.
  5. Ensure your natural hair is flat before you put on your lace wig on or you will destroy the illusion! If you have short hair, you can simply pin your hair so that it is all against your skull. Long hair is most manageable as you may cornrow you hair for a relatively smooth surface for your wig to sit on.
  6. THIS STEP IS NOT NECESSARY WHEN BUYING OUR INVISIBLE WIG Use tweezers to carefully pluck out random pieces of hair at the hairline for a more natural looking wig. The main focus is to make a gradual fade from the hairline to the rest of the wig.Tweeze the hairline until you have reached your desired density.
  7. Makesure  you do not tweeze out too much hair otherwise it will look like you are balding in that area.
  8. Don’t make the part completely straight because that would look a little too perfect and unnatural.
A common mistake that people make, is to place the lace front wig far too low on their forehead, which causes the wig to look very weird and unnatural.