About Our Wigs

So you're probably wondering, what is the difference between The Invisible Wig, Our Allure Range and The Deluxe Wig?

Our Allure Wigs and our Invisible Wigs are for women of all races.

The Allure Range are affordable lace wigs that are perfect if your looking for an amazing natural hairline. This range of wigs come pre-plucked with semi bleached knots at the hairline. The Allure Wig is made from Remy Hair and is a cheaper alternative if you like to switch up your look often. The Allure range is available in universal lace which blends well with most skintones.

The Invisible Wig is one of our most realistic lace wigs, the knots have been bleached to perfection throughout the front section of the wig cap, to give the illusion of a human scalp. This wig is most compatible with a silk base wig. Our "Invisible" wig range is made from 100% human virgin hair and is available in a vast range of textures from curly, wavy, kinky, yaki to silky straight hair. There is also a variety of lace options to choose from as well as custom hair colours. 

This range has two types of Virgin Hair available to choose from; our Premium Indian Hair which is good for yaki, kinky, afro textures or our Deluxe Brazilian Hair.  The Deluxe Brazilian Hair is a thicker strand giving an overall high density appearance. It is more robust than Indian Hair and blends well with most hair textures. If you are a stylist and plan to perform various chemical processes on the hair then the deluxe wig is recommended, as the strands are thicker and the hair is more robust to withstand the process.

However if you simply need a wig that you do not intend to do much with then our premium Indian hair is recommended. If you are after that bone straight look then our Brazilian hair is perfect for that desired look.

What about the Hair?

Our Invisible Wigs are made from Raw Virgin Hair the hair has not been altered by any chemical processes. With the hair being completely unprocessed and chemical free. Raw Hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic virgin hair on the market today. Raw hair is 100% unprocessed; this hair literally is cut from one donor head, then washed with shampoo and conditioner. It then becomes Virgin hair once we have altered it by colouring or steam processed it, to acheive the desired look requested by the customer. 

With Raw Hair, all hair cuticles are intact and naturally aligned in one direction which prevents matting and tangling. Every bundle of our Raw Virgin Hair is unique because each has been hand cut from a single donor, therefore it has a distinct natural hair pattern.

The Virgin Hair used at Mora Mode has not been chemically or mechanically altered. However to get certain hair textures the hair may be steam processed. And obviously once we have coloured the hair it would then have been chemically altered to suit the individuals requirement.

So what is the advantage of Virgin Hair?

Our Invisible Wigs are made from either our Premium Indian Hair or Deluxe Brazilian Virgin Hair.

  • Higher quality and longer lasting hair
  • Natural looking and flowing hair that blends with all hair types
  • Cuticle aligned hair. No matting
  • No chemical processing until coloured
  • Hair is purely from one person no blended lengths or hair additives.
Real Looking Lace Wig Natural Lace Wig Blonde Human Hair Lace Wig Brown Wig with Blonde Highlights

What many call virgin hair now is usually steam processed a bit for uniform color and curls but it is not heavily processed.  The steam process our production team use means the curls are defined to look exactly alike.